Thursday, 31 October 2013

Nap time

One crazy day later, and we're here in Saskatoon.  I won't give you all the gross details about traveling by plane with two cats, but suffice to say being well prepared really helped.  My carry on bag looked ridiculous: food bowls, treats, extra pee pads (we used them all!), antibacterial wipes, latex gloves, plastic bags, etc., but I'm glad it all on hand.  I was very thankful that I packed a leash because I had to take Cameron and Cleo out of their carriers at security.  Both cats were cooperative and didn't try to run away, but that leash certainly provided peace of mind.  Kudos to Air Canada staff for taking good (gentle!) care of the beasts.  That airline gets so much bad press about all sorts of things, but they were nothing but friendly and helpful on our journey.  I might even write them an email to thank them for making the day go as smoothly as possible.

I did a lot of unpacking yesterday and today, and things are looking good.  I was so nervous about choosing an apartment in one weekend and had no idea if I made the right decision.  Now that my stuff is here (there was never a happier reunion) I'm feeling much more comfortable. The building and neighbourhood are ABBA obsessed neighbours or fire hall next door here!  A new co-worker took me grocery shopping today and I made my first real meal in almost a month.  Seriously, that was the best roasted sweet potato ever.  My fear of freezing to death will not likely come to fruition in this apartment: the radiator is on.  When I say "on" I mean it's like a freakin' oven.  I have the windows open and a fan blowing warm air out of the apartment in order to keep it under control.  I'm happy to be toasty, but my skin is also already taking a beating.  Excellent moisturizer is in order.  The cats are looking a bit freaked out today, which is to be expected.  A lot of hiding and worried looks, but right now we're all in our regular places on the couch and chair, enjoying the evening (be that spent blogging or engaged in extreme grooming...).

Here's a peek at my new place...

I've never liked any bathroom I've ever had in an apartment and this one bothers me too, although the tub is cool (getting out of it is a bit awkward...there isn't much room).  I'm sure I'll get over it soon. 

I missed my bed so much.  Oh my happy to have it back.  I don't even care that I still don't have a frame for it.

My new kitchen is narrow but tonight's meal prepared from scratch proved that having less space can actually make cooking more efficient.  Everything was close at hand and I have a brand new stove too.  They forgot to plug it in, however, but I crawled into the corner and got it hooked up (I was not going without dinner last night).  All good.  I love me a functional kitchen.  I also have a pantry, which is super cool and provides lots of storage space.

When you walk in the door, there's a door and a little hallway to the left that leads to my bedroom.  The hall has hooks and is a great alternative to a front closet.

My living room is quite a bit smaller than the one in my former apartment.  I made some good decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of...there's no way it would all fit in here!  The space is cozy, but has two big windows.  Lots of natural light during the day, which I love.  The floors are great too, though they need to be cleaned.  I went to Canadian Tyre today and got a steam mop for $72 (originally about $179), thanks to a sale and an incorrect price tag.  Score!

So, it seems to be coming together. I even squeezed in a walk by the river this afternoon and located some professional looking (and virtually wrinkle free) clothes for my first day at work tomorrow.  All signs point to great co-workers and an interesting job.  A lovely fresh start...but I really need a nap.  :)

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