Friday, 8 November 2013

Jennifer: CD Selector!

I just finished my first week at work and I really, really enjoyed it.  Yes, I was nervous (still am) and there is so much more to learn, but I'm loving this job!  My main area of responsibility is to maintain the CD collection for the library system.  That means I get to select music recordings for the Saskatoon PL system, including the main library and seven branches.  SPL is also part of a province-wide consortium, which means all the public libraries work together and share materials.  For example, if Regina PL has a book that a patron in Saskatoon wants to borrow, it can be brought in without having to fill out interlibrary loan forms, etc.  We just put in a request, and it gets shipped over.  So when I purchase CDs for SPL, I have to look at what's floating around the entire province.  It's going to take some time to get used to thinking so broadly, but it's cool that all of those library systems are able to work together and share resources.  Anyway, I really like being introduced around the library as "Jennifer, the new music selector."  Very cool part of the job.  If I'm a good little selector, maybe they'll let me choose some print music too.  ;)

This is my wee cubicle...I rather like it in there.  Quiet and away from the service desk so I can focus on what I'm doing. 

I think the biggest challenge for me right now is the amount of structure my life has taken on.  Being mostly self-employed for years, then working part-time while going to school, meant that I had a whole bunch of things going on at once and was juggling commitments.  I often started early in the morning and ended later in the evening, with a chance to grab a nap in the afternoon.  This 9-5 thing is a huge change.  It's a relief in a way because I was really starting to struggle with the crossover I had with work (teaching) and home.  Now work stays at work, and home is reserved for relaxing (or using my steam mop...anyone have one of those?  I freakin' love it!).  A challenge with this job is that I'll be sitting a good deal of the time.  I'm pretty active, I like to move around, so by mid-afternoon I start to get uncomfortable.  Despite the shitty weather (more on that shortly), I'm trying to go for a walk at lunch or right after work, just to make sure my hips don't seize up.  Seems to be working, plus that blast of fresh air does wonders for clearing out my head.  I'm also going to look into getting some cross country skis; the park next to my apartment has trails.

So, yeah...the weather.  Last weekend I was walking around in a long-sleeved t-shirt and a polar fleece jacket.  This weekend I'm bundled up in a coat, toque, mittens, and winter boots.  It went from about plus 7 to minus 17 in about a day and a half...and it snowed.  It feels like mid-January here but it's only the beginning of November.  *sigh*  I've decided the best way to deal with the weather is to layer up, slap on some heavy moisturizer and lip balm, and get my ass outside to embrace the cold.  The river is still pretty darn beautiful, especially on Wednesday when there was freezing fog and the trees were covered in white.  Plus, I have these fantastic slippers to pull on when I get in from my chilly walk...

I know.  They're pretty awesome.  Tee hee.

So, everything is going well so far.  I met about 75 new people this week, can't remember anyone's name, but I've been invited to something called Interlibrary Lush on Thursday nights where I may have an opportunity to figure out who is who.  Apparently, this is some sort of alcohol infused gathering of librarians in the city, representing both public and academic organizations.  Librarians drinking???  No!!!

Onward.  :)

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