Monday, 18 November 2013

The third degree

Well, Artist Diploma is not technically a degree, but the triplets look darn nice together, don't you think?

My MLIS from Western arrived via Fed Ex last week and I missed the delivery (who knew they were going to ship it overnight priority?), so I picked it up this morning.  It's funny how a piece of paper can solidify an experience for a person.  I was so busy doing other things that I kind of forgot about that accomplishment.  I think a little celebration is in order.  :)

My training at SPL is  over and I'm starting to come up with a plan of attack in terms of work flow.  I'm surprised I don't feel more overwhelmed; it all feels natural and familiar.  This is odd considering I haven't had a job like this before, but maybe it's because I'm combining all of the things I love and have experience with into one position.  I've really been enjoying listening to all sorts of music as part of my work.  We have a stereo in the fine arts department, so we take turns picking CDs to play.  It's a lot of fun as everyone has different musical tastes and we get to explore what's lurking in the collection.  Yesterday we started the afternoon off with Bruce Cockburn and ended with Western swing.  I also listen to recordings in order to decide what to select.  Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed 'Bach Re-Invented,' which consists of a two-part invention played as composed on piano, then it is transformed into a funky set of variations, touching on jazz, world, and electronic music.  Very cool, it reminds me of those mash-up books like "Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies."  I'm ordering that one for sure. 

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