Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Do you take requests?

I worked with an energy healer, Kim, for a couple of years.  She called herself a wellness companion, meaning that her job was to point me in the right direction, then walk by my side as I made changes and healed old wounds.  Kim often told me all I needed to do to get what I wanted was to put a request in with the universe.  Be specific and believe that I could have what my heart desired.  For a long time I thought that was complete crap...we don't have that much control over the direction of our lives, do we?  Don't we just have to deal with the hand we're given and make the best of the situation?  Kim died in the middle of May this year and I was devastated.  She had continued to book phone appointments with me during her last year, but stopped charging for them at some point.  We grew close.  The last couple of times we spoke she told me to get my shit together, cast away fear, and that she loved me.  I think she knew that she wasn't going to be around much longer and that I would need to take care of myself.  I still feel a bit lost from time to time because this beautiful person who cared so much about me and my life is no longer available to provide guidance.  Sometime in the summer, when my grief was still fresh and I was feeling like I had little left to lose, I decided to take Kim's advice and ask for what I really wanted.  On a piece of note paper I penned a request for a cool new job in a cool new place, either a city smaller than London or a large town, that would provide me with easy access to natural surroundings, including water and trees.  I stuck my request up on the fridge for a while, then put it in a kitchen drawer, and eventually cleaned the drawer out and threw my request in the garbage.  Fast forward to September when I was offered a job that is ridiculously well-suited to my background and experience in beautiful Saskatoon.  Huh.  I guess putting in a request worked.  Kim would be proud. 

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