Monday, 28 October 2013

We're ready!

Well, almost.  A few errands today, a few tomorrow...then off we go on Wednesday morning.  Most of my anxiety about moving and starting a new job two days after arriving in a new city has faded.  I think this has a lot to do with the outrageous hospitality of my new colleagues.  I haven't even met these people and they're going out of their way to make sure I get settled in quickly: rides from the airport and to the grocery store, invitations for lunch, and even a ticket to a concert on Saturday night.  I'm finding it a bit overwhelming, being a bit guarded emotionally and very independent, but perhaps this is a sign, a little nudge from the universe, that it's time to make some changes in the way I interact with people.  (I prefer the little nudges over the huge smacks in the head I get sometimes, but both are effective.  Thank you, universe.)

Cameron and Cleo are loving their carriers!  I'm sure their attitude might change on Wednesday, but it's good that they're finding them so cosy.  They make a great place to grab that 6 hour afternoon nap...


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