Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tick tock

That's my neighbourhood, City Park, today.  I was hoping for a walk in the sunshine this afternoon, but no such luck.  It's funny how a cloudy day here is so shocking; I'm getting used to the super bright sun of the prairies.  In Ontario grey skies were the norm and everyone kind of went bonkers when the sun decided to come out.  Anyway, the clock is ticking; the days of cold wind and snow must be coming to an end.  The Canada geese tell me changes are on the way.  I certainly hope so because I've reached a point in the winter where I don't think I could possibly become more dehydrated.  I need an IV or something.  It's ridiculous.

Other shocking news: I'm reading a book.  I've had a hard time reading this winter.  I either fell asleep a few pages in or didn't have enough focus to get very far.  It was easier to binge watch shows on Netflix or stare at the wall, which I knew wasn't nourishing the ol' noggin but think my brain was on overload anyway.  Giving the grey matter a few months to be a couch potato was okay.  But I'm happy to be reading again, if only because I'm being forced to read.  I'm leading the Fine Arts Book Club at the end of the month and really MUST finish the book in order to do so.  This is what we'll be discussing...

No, I didn't pick it because it's about a flute player!  It sounded similar to The Kite Runner (and potentially less depressing), which was confirmed by my favourite database, NoveList (every librarian needs to have a favourite database).  I'm about a third of the way through and keep laughing at the things the guru says to his student because the same stuff came out of my mouth when I was teaching.  For example, stopping some poor kid before she even started playing in order to lecture her on the need for a really good, deep breath.  I'm enjoying the story and will be digging up some recordings of traditional Indian music to share with FABC members.  Which makes me think we should have a music discussion group in Fine Arts...hmmm.

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