Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hibernation, etc.

I was reprimanded via text message by a friend (hugs, AG) for not doing a blog post lately.  I hadn't realized it's been almost two months.  I blame winter.  I went through a period where the only things I could manage were work, basic housework, and sleeping.  Zero motivation.  I took that concern to BodyTalk and had it addressed.  I'm feeling better now.

I've also been taking care of boring business, like getting my banking set up, transferring investments, getting my driver's license changed, blah blah blah.  At least in Saskatchewan you can have a hint of a smile in your license photo ("but no teeth"); I look marginally less criminal here than I did in Ontario.  I don't get the points system out here for drivers.  Apparently right now I'm neutral, then I gain points for accident-free driving.  If I get documents sent out from Ontario, my status could be improved...but without a car to drive, I don't really see the point.  I'm happy just to have valid ID, honestly.  I also bought a table and chairs.  So nice to have a place to eat.  And look!  They're so retro!

I've also been working hard on not planning the bejeezus out of my weekends and remembering that I have no schedule on my days off, so there's no need to panic about how long things are taking.  I don't have to rush or structure things too much.  I'm enjoying sleeping in (the cats like it too, although they still demand breakfast at 6:30am), using my tea pot on Saturday and Sunday mornings so I can linger with Typhoo rather than gulping it down before dashing, and rewatching Twin Peaks on Netflix.  I even managed to have a semi-spontaneous night out with some librarians last weekend.  It was supposed to be drinks at the jazz bar across the street from the library to discuss serious library stuff...but then I ended up eating a delicious dinner and going to two other bars before arriving home after midnight.  (On-the-fly bar crawl brought to you in part by wind chill in the -40s...)  I did something without planning it all out!  Small steps forward. 

Cameron and Cleo have settled in.  Cleo is finishing up a round of antibiotics and steroids for her itchy skin (the vet thinks she has an allergy, but I'm starting to wonder if she's just plain crazy...kitty prozac is in her future, I think).  She's still taking good care of me at night (I get kind of lonely at night) by lying right next to my head, always to my left.  I don't find cat bum in my face particularly appealing, but she's doing her best.  Cameron spent Tuesday barfing all over the apartment, but seems to be better now.  He turns 16 this month; I don't know his exact birth date, so I just pick a day and declare him one year older.  He's doing well for such an old boy.  Other than that, it's been nap nap nap, snack, poop, nap nap, purr, snack, nap nap nap, stretch, purr, nap, and nap.

Work has been a blur.  Busy and challenging, but enjoyable.  My work load will change again when a new full-time staff member starts in just over a week.  This week was interesting, as everything seemed to be focused on money.  How much is there?  Where did the budget for this/that/the other go?  Why is that magazine subscription going up 256%?  My brain was basically oozing out my ears by 3pm on Friday afternoon.  *sigh*  We've also been busy in other ways.  Fine Arts had a very successful Women's Day program this week.  My colleague did a lot of work to organize the evening, and even did an interview with the newspaper and appeared on local TV to promote it.  About 95 people came out to see the documentary, listen to a speaker, and enjoy delicious treats...awesome!  We have another interesting program coming up next month called "On The Table."  A local artist, who is becoming well-known internationally, is coming in with some of his art to meet with members of the public and talk to them in an informal manner about his art.  I love this idea, as it breaks down barriers and allows people to have a casual interaction with an artist and his work in a less intimidating manner than attending a gallery reception.  I'm organizing a couple of music recitals in our theatre later this month, presented by local music teachers and their students, and I just agreed to help facilitate a poetry reading in the Gallery as well.  The deadline for Gallery submissions is next week, so then it's time for our Curatorial Committee to select new exhibits.  Interesting stuff, for sure.

I should also mention that I dug out my tarot cards again last weekend, motivated by a lack of internet.  I stopped using them for a while, it was getting overwhelming and I needed a break, but I'm glad I spend some quality time with them again.  The Seven of Wands made another appearance, and I drew the Hermit...twice.  I couldn't help but laugh.  The cards 'get' me.

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