Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy Equinox and How to Retain One's Sanity

Sooooo....spring in Saskatoon means snow and temperatures into the -20s, apparently.  We had a beautiful week and then, just in time for the Equinox, things turned cold again.  No matter, it's clear that the weather is improving.  I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing summer that everyone says Saskatoon has to offer. 

Yesterday was the most hectic day I've had so far at SPL, capping off a busy week.  Not sure what happened, it's all a bit of a blur, but at least I feel like I accomplished a few things.  It seemed like I needed to talk to everyone in the building yesterday, mentally scheduling informal meetings at 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm, and 4:15pm!  I've felt behind the ball for the most part of the past few months but I think I'm starting to get on top of things.  I tell ya, if I wasn't into organization I'd be in big trouble.  I hope to find my stride's around here somewhere.

I've got my first Library programs starting this weekend.  On Sunday there's a recital in the Theatre, presented by local music students.  Funny how all the same issues come up when organizing such a performance, even when they're not my own students.  ;)  Should be fine, I'm not too worried.  The only snag I can see is that we might be short staffed in Fine Arts, which means I'll be running up and down the stairs a lot on Sunday afternoon in order to keep an eye on the program while not leaving my colleague alone at the service desk.  I'm feeling quite out of shape (I ran to the bus stop last night with my grocery wasn't pretty), so at least I'll get some exercise.  I've also helped to organize a last-minute poetry reading in the Gallery for mid-April.  I tag-teamed with a librarian mentor/buddy and it's coming together nicely, after a bit of bumbling on my part.

Speaking of exercise...  In order to stay sane (and sleep's been a rough couple of weeks), I've decided I need to start running again.  Not because I want to run a marathon or whatever, but because it was the best stress busting activity ever.  I miss it.  I loved getting all that nervous energy out and sweating and panting.  (The post-run shower and recovery snack were great, too.)  It was also a form of meditation; I could often get in the zone where I let my body move without huge amounts of effort and I was able to just go along for the ride.  I started reading ChiRunning and I think I know what I need to do to run pain-free.  So once the ice melts and the huge puddles dry up I'm getting back out there. 

Other ways to stay sane: play with puppets!

As you can see, Pete has made friends with the SPL mascot, PJ.  Pete has also developed a mild dependency on caffeine...he's trying to cut back.  Maybe he should start running too.  I'm envisioning Pete in a tiny backpack that I carry with me on the Meewasin, kind of like Luke Skywalker with Yoda.  (Cue the trip to the funny farm...)

I also need to post a picture of Cleo, just for kicks.  :)

My sweet girl.  She helps keep me grounded.  Too bad she still insists on sleeping with her bum in my face.

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