Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

The 'm' key on my laptop is sticking, so I'm lucky this post isn't called "erry Christas."  :)

Happy holidays, whichever one you celebrate.  I'm not entirely sure what I celebrate, but I found myself whispering "thank you" several times today.  I'm in Saskatoon this year and had a lovely day.  A few co-workers gave me their cell numbers in case I had a breakdown on Christmas day and needed to hang with people to battle the blues, but I really enjoyed my solitude today.  And it fit nicely with the Queen's Christmas message this year.  She spoke of making time for quiet reflection in order to pause and take stock, adding that it can be surprisingly rewarding.  Amen, sister. Liz is my kind of people.  Today I had a nice lie-in, spoke to my family at home on Skype, then went for a long, quiet walk on the Meewasin.  I always feel the most gracious, humble, and happy when I'm in the presence of trees, water, and birds.  Like I said, "thank you" slipped out a number of times today.

Pretty, huh?  And it was only -7 today!  I didn't even need mittens on the way home.

I also celebrated with a good meal...which will turn into many leftover meals. Crikey.  My nut loaf recipe said "serves 4 to 6," but it yielded three decent sized loaves.  Light it ain't, a little bit will do, so I'm trying to figure out if I can freeze the extras.  They don't look super fantastic in this picture (is any loaf attractive?  I think not), but it was delicious alongside roasted squash, brussel sprouts, potatoes, and homemade cranberry sauce.  Throw in a fake trifle and a cup of cream earl grey tea, and I'm one stuffed, content woman.  I mentioned to a friend at home I feel like I should be smoking a cigar and sipping brandy after that dinner...

The cats don't give two flying whatevers about holidays, because everyday is a holiday when you're a geriatric feline.  Cameron and Cleo are also big into quiet reflection, so they made the most of the day with extended naps and meditative moments.  Cameron was sleeping in some strange places, though.  Often it means that he's not feeling well, but I think today it was just his way of keeping me guessing.

I think it's time for more quiet reflection, avec cuddly cat, so I'll say good night.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  Mwah!

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