Saturday, 14 March 2015

It's over! Maybe...

I'm knocking on wood furiously as I type this, but it appears that winter may be over in Saskatoon.  I'll be the first to admit that the 14 day forecast is generally bullshit so I'll keep my excitement contained. Plus I know that winter was pretty outrageous for other areas of the country and that people living in those parts, including members of my family, are still getting things under control.  I took advantage of the warm temperature and ran by the river yesterday for the first time in six months and it was great.  Wet and muddy, but nothing beats fresh air and trees and animals.  (Did I mention the rabbits here are bloody huge?  My god, I saw one behind the hospital yesterday and mistook it for a small dog.  Before I moved here someone warned me that the road kill is different in the Prairies...I totally get it.)  I'm sore today, which demonstrates just how much work the treadmill does for a runner, but my battery is recharged.  Just a few days of warmth goes a long way, though I realize that winter may come back for one last blast before it's gone for good.

After a couple months of subversive cross stitch, I've had my fill for now.  Sassy sayings and I are by no means over, but I want a new challenge.  I had a dream this week that I had crocheted a thing.  I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it was definitely crochet.  I took this as a push in a particular direction, so yesterday I picked up a learn to crochet kit and a couple of skeins of yarn.  I'm told that this craft is not rocket science, but I've never found it easy to weave yarn into something and have it look pretty.  I should probably take a lesson from the book "Make It Mighty Ugly" and just get comfortable with the fact that whatever I make will probably not look like the photo in the guidebook.  YouTube is definitely going to save me on this venture as well, because I'm already cross eyed from looking at the diagrams in the instructions.  Stay tuned for pictures of deformed granny squares and abstract pot holders.

In related news: my Mighty Ugly Workshop at the library takes place in about a month.  Should be enlightening, I hope people come out for it.  If you'd like to fly in for the weekend to attend, let me know.  ;)

An update on Cameron now, as I know he has many loving fans across the country.  He's looking pretty rough: losing weight, his fur is less shiny, and that lump on the side of his face is a bit bigger.  He is in good spirits, however, complete with a keen radar for treats.  He thinks that any bag in the kitchen is a treat bag and will demand his fair share (and then some).  He appreciates wet food as often as he can get it, too.  I took a couple of extra days off this week and we had lots of cuddles, which suits both of us just fine.  Cameron isn't quite over either.

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