Saturday, 28 June 2014

Probation is done!

Good news this week: my 6 months probation (why can't I *ever* spell that word correctly?) is over at SPL!  As Ricky on Trailer Park Boys would say, I passed with flying f*cking carpets.  I went out for a celebratory lunch with some library ladies and had the most amazing smoked portobello mushroom burger.  Seriously, I think I had a dream about it.  Anyway, it's great to have crossed that line.

I spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks planning library programs for the fall.  During library school I kept going on to my classmates that unique programming is going to be one of the ways the library remains relevant as we move into the future.  Now I get my chance to try it out and I'm super excited, but also pretty stressed.  I put a mindfulness bell app on my phone that rings every half hour, so when I'm getting wound up over some detail about my plans it pulls me back into reality.  We're going to try out a listeners' advisory service this fall (likely continuing into the winter) where patrons can answer some questions about their musical tastes, and library staff find them recordings they may not be familiar with.  There will also be a listening party/discussion group happening once a month, where we play an album in its entirety and then talk about it.  I'm aiming to do programs that personalize the library experience for people and go a bit old school.  I think technology is great and we have lovely electronic resources, but there is something to be said for the personal touch and connecting with people in a way that doesn't involve a computer.

I bought these crazy things last weekend.  I don't think it's possible to buy running shoes that aren't vibrant colours.  If you're going to run, you really must have shoes that scream "LOOK AT ME!!!  I'M RUNNING!!!"  They came with two extra sets of grey laces, so if I feel like they're too distracting I can change them up.  I went out for three runs this week (there was a lot of walking along with the running, as I haven't done this for a while) and it was great.  No stiffness, only a bit sore, and I got my anxiety under control.  Niiiiice.  The best part was that even though I haven't done this in about 4 years, I seemed to slip back into it easily.  Hurray for muscle memory!  It's better than my regular memory...
It's Canada Day next week but I keep forgetting, as the weather is not particularly summer-like in Saskatoon.  In a way, I'm okay with that because this time last year I was questioning my need to shower every morning because I'd immediately start sweating as soon as I towelled off.  I just hope I remember not to go to work on Tuesday morning.  People keep talking about "next Tuesday" in a way that indicates that it's special, but it took me a while to remember it's a holiday.  Duh.   So I wish you a happy, and early, Canada Day because I may very well forget to say it on July 1st.  :)

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